/Jaime King Hard Skinny Nipples of the Day

Jaime King Hard Skinny Nipples of the Day

Jaime King Braless Hard Nipples Skinny

Jaime King is an ex heroin addict model from the 90s, who had a boyfriend die of a drug overdose as people do when they start fucking with heroin, who survived that era and moved to LA to become an actor, or whatever the fuck she is, but who’s tits don’t seem to have survived, because I guess that’s what happens when you have kids and hey suck the tits off your chest, or when you have to start starving yourself to stay fit, or maybe she’s had cancer…I don’t know..I just know her nipples are hard, her face looks old and tired, but she’s still worth looking at as a reminder of how precious life is, how you only are here for a limited time and how you fucking expire quick….

Inspiring really.

Here are her tits us old fucks used to jack off to….before internet porn was in video and when tits were enough…


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